adventures in archives

Adventure and archive?! Thought these two terms don´t fit together? They sure do!

© Dan “Danne Pe” Pettersson
© Dan “Danne Pe” Pettersson

Picture a group of high school kids, equipped with modern recording devices like digi cams and smartphones, let loose behind the walls of archival institutions, spotting the hidden treasures of historical material, learning about the various occupational areas in an archive and eventually discovering how our cultural identities have evolved and their witnesses are being safe-guarded for the future. It´s bound to be a film happening full of excitement and learning possibilities!

The close cooperation between archives and education centres will encourage the understanding and perception of archives in the public, educate our younger generations on the manifold possibilities of professional qualifications, be it modern-day archivist, (art) historian, media production, journalism, restauration, international project or cultural management, and raise awareness for the shared heterogeneity of our cultural identities.

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