bring your history

© Swedish National Archives, Visby  (SE)
© Swedish National Archives, Visby (SE)

Learning how to set up and run a topotheque for your own town is easy. We organize regular “Bring your history!”-days where we invite locals to bring along their precious historical material which may be included into their town’s own topotheque or – if there is no topotheque yet – we will introduce the concept and workflow of a topotheque with a workshop to support the foundation of your own local topotheque.

This is also an invitation to share your very own, personal anecdotes about certain photographs, objects etc. that you hold in your possession. We´ll have a camera team ready to catch your stories. These interviews will be arranged into film contributions for our final festival that will mark the conclusion of our entire international project.

See our Events Calendar for any upcoming topotheque activities. In the meantime, feel free to learn a little more in detail about the topotheque by visiting their online collaborative archive.

CAUTION: Plunging into the online collaborative archive may cause irreversible mesmerisation and permanent craving for starting one’s own topotheque!

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