MOM-CA is the online portal of the Monasterium project. It is a way to work with medieval and early modern charters, one of the most important sources for European history and culture. It enables all interested persons to use the charters as well as jointly improve the data of these documents for all other users using EditMOM, its collaborative editing tool.

MOMathon? Letter hodgepodge?! Not quite.

The name is composed of the “MOM” medieval abbreviation for the latin word for monastery and the Monasterium project and the classic, sweat-inducing, gruelling yet uplifting happening of a “marathon”. No need to worry, our MOMathons won´t push you to the limits – maybe just a little bit though: it is a community driven activity drawing the public user communities’ attention towards the innovations of research possibilities manifested in the Monasterium portal. Within the time frame of a MOMathon (could be day, a week or even a month), “edits” on documents on the Monasterium portal will be reported to a moderator and the editors with the highest “score” will come out as the winner of the MOMathon. Prizes included, of course!
Are you ready to go for the gold medal and push your typing speed across the limit? Stay tuned via our events calendar and don´t miss the green light!

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