A topotheque is a digital platform – a collaborative online archive – giving access to digitized communal historic sources.

How does it work?

It simply means that we invite enthusiasts from all over the world to share their private collections (letters, photos, recorded material etc.) with the public with the help of the topotheque tool kit and the help of the corresponding community.
A topotheque joins historic materials virtually through a database equipped with index, date and localization markups. The original material as well as any rights of use, which surpass the presentation within the topotheque, stays within the respective owners.

Fun at the "Zirkus Krone" - a gem from the Topothek Prater (AT) © private
Fun at the “Zirkus Krone” – a gem from the Topothek Prater (AT)
© private

Every one of us is an active narrator of memories, shapes and constitutes our shared history. Let´s tune into the course of history and spread the seed of encouragement to be a visible part of our common story!

Bring your history and write your story!