technical tools

In order to be able to carry out our project’s activities – like a MOMathon for instance –, resourceful and significant technical enhancements ensuring interactive use of archival material by the audience are needed. Serving this purpose, sufficient content preparation must be ensured; this requires digitisations, creation of databases and indexing of archival material. Likewise, the implementation of open-source Web 2.0 features and tools play a vital role in terms of audience development and linkage of the archival and the public community.

Development of open source technical tools

© Archives of the Cathedral of Cuenca (ES)
© Archives of the Cathedral of Cuenca (ES)

As the digitized archival material will be made accessible via the Monasterium portal, we will ensure personalization and individualization functionalities of said digitally available archival material. Our experience shows that users can work much more effectively when being able to create bookmarks, save and share their image details and can create user collections.

Crowdsourcing is the key to the research – like indexing and transcription – on archival material in the Monasterium portal. Everyone is free to use the web-based XML WYSIWYG editor “EditMOM” which is based on CEI/EAD standards for transcription and for detailed research charters.

Already got the chills reading all the technical terminologies? Don´t be afraid to try them out yourself – once they are installed, try our easy and playful tools to learn, sit back and watch the introductory videos or tap into the avatar based interactive tutorials. Watch the events calender for updates!