conventions and workshops

Two major international conventions within the project will act as a kind of marketplace where professionals and user communities have the possibility to present, discuss and share their ideas, visions and concrete projects. Different formats will be used to set the frame for these activities: workshops, lectures, round tables, open discussion rounds and poster presentations. So many ways to prepare the grounds for new partnerships and work relations – so many ways to match the archives’ services to and with the needs of their users!

Exchanging knowledge

Aside from the two big conventions and the final festival which will finally thread all the project activities’ into a focal knot, there will be a wide range of national and international round tables, workshops and training events to inspire and incite knowledge exchange between professionals and the public.

Naturally, we invite the interested public to actively take part and take advantage of these training and knowledge exchange opportunities which is why we offer financial travel support to professionals via our Mobility Grant Programme and also provide Excursion Grants to user groups facilitating easier participation and involvement in the experiencing and shaping of the archival world.

Find the when, where, what in our events calendar!

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