“Bring Your History Day” for the “Topotek Estlandssvensk”

2018-09-05 @ 18:00 – 19:00
Estlandssvenskarnas kulturförening SOV
Wallingatan 34
111 24 Stockholm

A “Bring Your History Day” to get the “Topotek Estlandssvensk” off the ground!

The “Topotek Estlandssvensk” is a new website that is going to be filled with memories, photographs and documents telling the local history. The Riksarkivet together with the Estlandssvenskarnas kulturförening SOV invites the public to actively participate in filling the Topotek Estlandssvensk with photographs and further visual and audio documents from their private archives thus giving insight into the local history. These documents from private hands will be made visible online and publicly accessible – an important contribution to detailing history. Pictures and documents from everyday life are an important part of our common cultural heritage and everyone interested is warmly welcomed to share their material and memories!

During the evening the Riksarkivet together with Estlandssvenskarnas kulturförening SOV will present the new website of the “Topotek Estlandssvensk” and will demonstrate the possibilities this website offers to its users and visitors: how to publish pictures in the Topoteque and how to registrate them accordingly, insert geographical tags etc. The introduction will also inform on the rules concerning copyright issues and how to correctly publish on the Internet.