Digital editions of medieval documents: the project Diplomatarium Serbicum Digitale

2018-11-28 @ 17:00 – 19:00
Faculty of Philosophy
Čika-Ljubina 18-20
Beograd 11000

Digital Editions of Medieval Documents: the Project Diplomatarium Serbicum Digitale


Within the framework of the EU-funded project co:op the Institute for Balkan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and arts in cooperation with the Centre for Theory of History of the Belgrade University Faculty of Philosophy hosts the national workshop on “Digital Editions of Medieval Documents: the Project Diplomatarium Serbicum Digitale”.

After the opening adress of Smilja Marjanovic-Dusanic (Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy) there will be two lectures on “What is a digital edition?” by Zarko Vujosevic (Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy) and “Analysis of the Serbian medieval charters from the point of view of historical geography and digital humanities” by Mihailo Popovic (Vienna, Institute for Medieval Research, Division of Byzantine Research), followed with the interactive presentation of the database Diplomatarium Serbicum Digitale by Nebojsa Porcic (Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy) and Veljko Gluscevic (Belgrade, Institute for Balkan Studies).

Programme (in Serbian)