Adventures in the National Archives of Prague

2017-01-26 all-day
1st department of the National Archives in Prague
M. Horákové 5/133
Hradčany, 160 00 Praha-Praha 6

Open doors for the Graphic School Prague!

For their second “Adventures in archives” activity, the National Archives (Národní archiv) has invited 4th-year-students from the Graphic School Prague (Vyšší odborná škola grafická a Střední průmyslová škola grafická) to explore their collections, the history behind archival material, their archival building and learn about the work of an archivist and conservator.

The Graphic School Prague.

The study course of the Graphic School Prague teaches from creation, to the production and the finishing of print material, meaings its design, preparation, printing and finishing. The school’s graduates and teachers have contributed to the artistic and technical development to branches connected with the printed word and they have gained recognition from the traditionally high level of Czech typography, photography, graphics, printed matter and renovation of archive documents.

1st department of the National Archives in Prague.

For this reason, the colleagues from the National Archives have prepared a topic which establish a relation to the knowledge of the students: the preservation of archival documents.
The students will have the unique chance to study seals, charters and other archival documents made of parchment and paper from the holdings of the 1st department of the National Archives in Prague.

Mgr. Libuše Holakovská is a conservator at the National Archives and also teaches restoration of seals at the Graphic School Prague. She sparked the student´s interest to visit the Archives and the students are keen to learn more about the topic outside their classrooms.

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