First Spanish topotheque!

2016-09-22 @ 11:00 – 14:30
Archivo Histórico Eclesiástico de Bizkaia

Coming back to the Seminary …

The Archivo Histórico Eclesiástico de Bizkaia launches its first topotheque – Seminario de Bilbao (Diocesan Seminary of Derio) – with this “Bring your history”-day in Bilbao. The topotheque consists of photographs illustrating the life of this emblematic building of Bizkaia. The photos include the album of the inauguration of the Diocesan Seminary of Derio which was created as a gift for the inauguration of pope Johannes XXIII. The pope signed it and had sent it back to the archive. Furthermore, the topotheque shows more anecdotes like scenes and illustrations from the daily life, sports, music, studies, assemblies, reunions, visits of the authorities and many more.

Click here to discover the topotheque yourself.

Background information

The Diocesan Seminary of Derio (Seminario de Bilbao) is one of the greatest example of rationalistic architectonics in Spain. Planned as an asylum but realized as a seminary with
more than 2000 seminarians – many of them still remember their time within the walls of this building. In the section ‘Bring your history’ we will share with them their memories
and testimonies, as well as memories of people nowadays working in the seminary.

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