Genealogy PLUS

2016-11-24 @ 10:00 – 2016-11-25 @ 13:00
Hessian State Archives Marburg
Friedrichspl. 15
35037 Marburg

Genealogy PLUS:
Partnership, Open Access and maschine-aided Indexing

“Bring your history day”

Since with the reformation in 2007/2009 the person records in the Federal Republic of Germany have been declared to be archive material, archives open up increasingly to genealogical research which in turn has started to change for its part. It´s obvious: The interest in historic family roots keeps increasing noticeably in the German speaking areas. Parallel to this development, the digital services keep expanding gradually, making the search for ancestors much easier. Now though, the public archives have to face increasing expectations and requirements and have to figure out for themselves if they recognize these new developments as burden or rather as chance and future-oriented perspective.

Since 2010/2011, the Hessian State Archives Marburg has been pursuing a new direction organizationally and technically. Now, the archive kindly invites within the frameworks of the EU-funded project “co:op” to this workshop in order to discuss current results of the new direction. The work accomplished up to now did not just result in the aspired “output”; it even more importantly has lead to inspiring and innovative developments and visions – discussing these with a competent audience is the goal of this workshop.

Here you can find the detailed programme (in German).

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