Interpreting Ancient Textual Artefacts: the Role of Cognition in (Digital) Scholarship

2015-05-28 @ 06:24 – 07:24
Centre for Information Modelling (Zentrum für Informationsmodelierung)
Elisabethstraße 59
8010 Graz

Dr. Ségolène Tarte vom University of Oxford e-Research on Interpreting Ancient Textual Artefacts: the Role of Cognition in (Digital) Scholarship

Through examples drawn from papyrology and assyriology, this talk will present some of the main perceptual and conceptual aspects of the cognitive processes involved in the act of interpretation of ancient textual artefacts, drawing together ethnographic observations and results from the cognitive sciences literature. We will further propose some ways of digitally supporting those all-important cognitive processes.

SegoleneTarteAug2013-IDsizeDr. Ségolène Tarte is a multi-disciplinary scholar with a background in Maths (MSc; Grenoble, F) and Image Processing (PhD; Bern, CH); and a general interest in creative, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary research.
Combining her scientific background with her interest in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, she draws her research methodologies from Sociology, Philosophy, Art History, Computer Sciences and Cognitive Sciences.


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