Topotheque St. Veit (AT)

2015-09-03 all-day
St. Veit im Mühltal
Schnopfhagenplatz 3
4173 Sankt Veit im Mühlkreis

Topotheque St. Veit im Mühltal (AT) online!Capture

Another topotheque just went online and offers insights into the communities history though sources from private collections.

The engangement with the local history is already a tradition in St. Veit im Mühltal: the local museum with its photo laboratory and various publications demonstrates historic and cultural developments for which images play a significant role in documenting the past. The topotheque as online image archive and reference guide now allows for a wider audience to delve into the history of this community.

The topotheque was established with the support of the local cultural association in cooperation with the community and is being run by Norbert Kasberger and Ludwig Heribert Hainy. The comparison between the present and the past is a dynamic and open process whose expansion depends on hints, personal knowledge and new image material from the community.

We wish the topotheque St. Veit im Mühlkreis many visitors and bustling sympathy from the citizens and continuous enrichment of material!

Click here to take a look.