Digital Edition

2015-03-09 – 2015-05-11 all-day
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
Elisabethstraße 59
8010 Graz

University seminar “Digital Edition”

Teacher: Vogeler, Georg, Ass.-Prof. Dr.phil. M.A.
Teacher: Vogeler, Georg, Ass.-Prof. Dr.phil. M.A.

How can the documents preserved in the archives be published with digital methods to satisfy requirements of scholarship? Preparing historical documents for research is a task in many humanities disciplines.

The result, the “scholarly edition” sees fundamental changes due the use of digital technologies: Not only a new, digital publishing medium takes the place of paper, but new forms of analysis, semantization, research and the production of multiple representation formats based on one edition (text) source have been developed.

The participants discuss the scholarly debate on the issue theoratically and work on practical examples coming from the scholarly domain of the participants, introducing fundamental techniques like TEI.

Download the teaching material here.